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ΔΙΑΛΕΞΗ 07-03-2024

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Tην Πέμπτη 7/3/2024 στις 18:00 (ώρα Ελλάδας) και στα πλαίσια του Διατμηματικού Προγράμματος Μεταπτυχιακών Σπουδών «Επιστήμη και Τεχνολογίες Υδρογόνου» του Πανεπιστημίου Δυτικής Μακεδονίας πραγματοποίηθηκε προσκεκλημένη διάλεξη του κ. Γιώργου Χατζημαρκάκη και της κας. Αντιγόνη Παφίτη από το Hydrogen Europe με θέμα:

“The EU policy framework for the development of the hydrogen sector”

Hydrogen Europe is the leading organization representing European-based companies and stakeholders that are committed to moving towards a (circular) carbon-neutral economy. With more than 520+ members, including 40+ EU regions and 30+ national associations, it encompasses the entire value chain of the European hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem. Its vision is to propel global carbon neutrality by accelerating the European hydrogen industry.

Antigoni Pafiti (Policy Officer, Energy & Infrastructure team) is a young professional with a legal background. She holds a Law degree from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s degree in International Business from the Université libre de Bruxelles.  Specializing in the energy sector, she has been passionately advancing her expertise in the hydrogen sphere.  Currently serving as a Policy Officer at Hydrogen Europe since November 2021, she is deeply engaged in advocating for industry members across the hydrogen value chain.  In her role, she actively contributes to shaping evolving energy regulatory and policy landscapes in Europe, with a particular focus on hydrogen production and its application in heating systems.  Based in the vibrant EU hub of Brussels, she has the privilege of collaborating closely with European Institutions, policymakers, and key energy stakeholders at both EU and national levels.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis has been working at Hydrogen Europe since 2016. He currently holds the position of CEO of the association. He previously covered roles in the planning department of the Foreign Office of Germany, at Infineon Technologies and was Member of the European Parliament (2004-2014) inter alia in the ITRE Committee (Industry, Technology, Research and Energy) where he could contribute to lay the cornerstone for the first and the second Joint Undertaking on hydrogen and fuel cells. He was awarded Hydrogen Person of the Year at the World Hydrogen Awards 2022, “as a major player promoting hydrogen in Europe and world-wide, accelerating collaboration and industry development”. Jorgo was born in Duisburg, Germany. He holds German and Greek nationality, and a degree in political science from the University of Bonn.


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