MSc in Hydrogen Science and Technology
MSc H2 - online lecture - Prof Tsatsaronis

ΔΙΑΛΕΞΗ 16-04-2024

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Ανακοινώνεται ότι την Τρίτη 16/4/2024 στις 19:00 (ώρα Ελλάδας) και στα πλαίσια του Διατμηματικού Προγράμματος Μεταπτυχιακών Σπουδών «Επιστήμη και Τεχνολογίες Υδρογόνου» του Πανεπιστημίου Δυτικής Μακεδονίας θα πραγματοποιηθεί προσκεκλημένη διάλεξη του Ομότιμου Καθηγητή Γεώργιου Τσατσαρώνη με θέμα:

“Some Inconvenient Truths about Decarbonization, the Hydrogen Economy, and Power-to-X Technologies”

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George Tsatsaronis was the Bewag Professor of Energy Engineering and Protection of the Environment at the Technical University of Berlin from May 1994 until March 2024. He received a Diploma in mechanical engineering (NTU Athens, Greece) as well as an MBA, a Ph.D. in combustion, and a Dr Habilitatus Degree in Thermoeconomics, all from the RWTH Aachen University, Germany. In the time period 1982-1994 he was employed as full professor at two US Institutions (Desert Research institute and Tennessee Tech University). Since November 2023 he is a member of the Governing Board of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
His areas of interest include exergy-based methods, the design, analysis, and optimization of energy conversion systems, decarbonization methods, power plant technology, energy storage as well as production, transportation, and use of hydrogen. He contributed significantly to the fundamentals of exergy-based methods.
He co-authored the book Thermal Design and Optimization (Wiley, 1996). His over 500 publications received more than 25400 citations (h index=67 He is Honorary Editor or Associate Editor of several International Journals, served as chairman or co-chairman of 22 international conferences, and received many international awards and recognitions including two Doctoris Honoris Causa (from the NTU Athens, Greece, and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania), two honorary professorships from China (North China University of Electric Power, and Zhejiang University of Technology) as well as the George Westinghouse Gold Medal, the Edward F. Obert Best Paper Award, and the James Harry Potter Gold Medal all from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Περίληψη ομιλίας:
This presentation deals with the challenges associated with decarbonization, the establishment of a hydrogen economy, and the so-called Power-to-X technologies. Various options and solutions will be discussed. We will particularly answer the question whether and under which conditions the current national and international hydrogen plans of many industrialized countries could lead to a maximization of decarbonization in the world. The presentation concludes that, in general, as long as the conditions for generating large excess amounts of green electricity are not met, the quick establishment of a hydrogen economy could not only be very expensive, but also counterproductive to the worldwide decarbonization efforts. 


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